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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2018 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin turkey's regift china berta want a clear victory in the country's presidential and parliamentary elections the longstanding leader also says his party's alliance won an overall majority in parliament but opposition parties have raised concerns about both freaking and electoral fraud. european union leaders meeting in brussels have wrapped up an emergency summit on migration without any concrete decisions but chancellor angela merkel says there is goodwill towards finding ways to stem the flow of migrants to europe. and the goals were coming fast and furious today at the world cup after
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england seven goal thriller colombia followed suit the south americans had three pounds poland knocking the european side out of the competition while boosting their own hopes of reaching the knockout stages of the turn. i'm sumi so much got it good to have you with us we start in turkey where regift to warren has declared victory in the country's presidential election according to unofficial results he received more than the fifty percent of the vote needed to avoid a runoff let's have a look at those preliminary results turkey's state news agency and a loop puts the incumbent heir to one at fifty three percent state media reporting that his main challenger what i'm injured of the c.h.p. received thirty one percent of the vote while. of the pro kurdish h.g.v.
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has pulled in around eight percent or one brought the election forward by eighteen months his victory now ushers in a powerful new executive presidency that was backed by a small majority of turks in a referendum last year. add one supporters started celebrations early the result had not yet been confirmed by the electoral commission eduardo was confident enough to declare victory in both the presidential and parliamentary vote. the elections unofficial results are all our people have given us the job of carrying out the presidential and executive posts by giving our party in the majority in parliament and therefore the legislative authority they have given us a great responsibility to do it. his supporters were ecstatic democrats we're at the capital of democracy and human rights elections were perfect we've won a victory again my bad one is the best friend in the world can. this election
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happen without any pressure or worries i wish it brings good to the whole of turkey . edwin's main challenge. earlier of irregularities as the results came in the spokesman for his party accused the country's state run news agency of manipulating the numbers. do not believe the results of the on a golden age as he is announcing right now they are not the actual data i told you that we will salt's there will be a second runoff via color. techies kurds also took to the streets celebrating the kurdish people's democratic party. set to pass the ten percent threshold to enter parliament becoming the second largest opposition party at once a k party is set to retain its parliamentary majority but the national assembly will have weakened powers. under the new system the president becomes head of both state and government the position of prime minister is gone and one insists this
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will bring prosperity and stability to the country following the failed coup attempt two years ago critics say the new system will further erode democracy in the country but. more on the story now with data because yulia hand she is an uncle raffaello in the latest developments for us hi yulia good to see you do one is claiming victory in the presidential and parliamentary votes tell us what these results mean for turkey. well yes this apparent victory of missing out on has caused crites some traffic chaos here in ankara that's why i'm talking to you from one of the highways where people were cars are trying to get close to the a.k.p. had quarters here in ankara where mr allen is expected to give the his doubt in these speeches officially declaring his victory again and speaking to his supporters he is really selling this as his big victory and this will definitely change turkey these elections will usher in
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a new political system he will be an almost all powerful president as of tomorrow as soon as we have official election results with which confirm his victory he can then for example dissolve parliament call for new elections he can appoint and fire ministers and the parliament will have limited powers to control him the opposition on the other hand says this is the end of democracy that's what people have been telling me today at the opposition had quarters here in uncorrupt so this is the picture that emerges right now but still we have no official a election result yet so that's something that needs to come from the high electoral board the high electoral commission here in ankara and yulia we've been looking at live pictures over to what supporters here are cheering on the results as you said a huge day for them and for erica one what about the pro kurdish h.e.p.a. are they get gathered around eleven percent of the vote it would become the second
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largest opposition party in parliament what would that mean for the war. well for the h.t.t.p. a leftist pro kaddish party it's a huge success since it was not clear whether they would actually make it would actually cross the ten percent threshold and make it into parliament i mean after all their presidential candidates a lot even if it was running his campaign from jail many h.t. pilon they. because are actually in jail so this is going to be really interesting how that plays out in paul human as you said they will be the second largest opposition party and yulia as we said the opposition parties have made some complaints of irregularities how fair has this vote been. well that's not entirely clear yet during the day we saw many videos and allegations on social media about election observers not being allowed to enter polling stations some videos were actually showing people stamping ballot papers in favor of miss out on
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in his ruling justice and development party we can't confirm these information this these videos and we'll have to wait for some official reports by election observers both local and international i'm sure tomorrow we'll be we'll have more information on that w.'s yulia hung with the very latest from thank you your ear. now to some other stories making news around the world in a tweet us president donald trump has said people entering the country illegally should be immediately deported without any judicial process trump's remarks come amid outcry over his administration's policy of separating families at the border he eventually signed an executive order to end that policy. police in nigeria say at least seventy people have died in clashes between farmers and nomadic herders the fighting took place in the central plateau state where the government has imposed a curfew the deaths are the latest in
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a long running battle for land and resources authorities in zimbabwe have ruled out an election delay after an explosion hit president emerson and god was campaign rally both of the country's vice presidents and at least forty seven others were injured in the blast which officials say was terrorism the poll is set for july thirtieth. the leaders of sixteen e.u. countries have stressed their willingness to find a solution to the blocs longstanding migration debate but they ended up meeting in brussels without any concrete decisions the emergency talks were held ahead of an e.u. wide summit beginning on thursday the block is deeply divided over how to manage the flow of asylum seekers to europe here's part of what you're manchester england have to say after the talks here. we have to decide whose shoulders which responsibility and the three big problem areas so the external dimensions of border security and the internals i mentioned all played a role today. it was
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a good discussion you see how long it lasted and we've never had that much time at the european council and that's why the affected countries all came together today over the next few days leading up to the european council meeting we'll work on solutions in these areas but today we saw a lot of goodwill and despite some differences we found a lot of common ground. well the talks may have been short on concrete action but it abuse barbara vessel says europe's leaders are moving towards reaching some kind of consensus in the next few days and now everybody sees that's what the heads of government proclaimed afterwards that there has to be e.u. wide solution that they have to work together to figure something out so what we will have in the end probably next week at the real summit next thursday is an agreement about strongly ramped up border protection what we will see is
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probably a call for having more external agreements with third countries. according to the turkey for the cording to the example of the turkey agreement and what we will also see is that there is some support for pushing migrants back for instance on the coast of libya the french president mccrone said something like that the. let's get the latest on the world cup in russia now we have emily offshoots from d.w. sports to take us through it all i only let's talk about poland and colombia first at what it's really a game again and that game finished off for team gold game day i mean just so many goals so many fun things to watch and actually it was very mean of course on a player who opened the scoring for colombia after a corner how much would you guess the biome start shifted into the box and gary had to take the lead for colombia and such an important game but then in the second
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half is when things got really well because. he scored the second goal for the south americans and now they had practically secured their spot already but it wasn't over yet because there was still a mystery this with another sensational pass across half of the pitch and concord jabo didn't miss netted and it was three zero in the end to colombia in a very very important game for the colombians and for the polish because that means the polish with robert lewandowski the bye and star striker are out of the world cup surprising for poland there let's talk about group h. leaders japan and senegal they played earlier on and that was also really entertaining match absolutely from the start and it was senegal actually had a really good start into the game and they started to take an early lead from a very comical goal there was really poor defending from japan there and then the goalkeeper she takes this shot and she punches it away right on to the feet of
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sadie on my knee the liverpool striker and into the wall very weird but anyway and you can came back they scored the equaliser before half time and things were over there because once again senegal took the lead and really wanted to three points today with that shot from far away but japan one of the points as well so they scored another one and made it to all in the end and it was a well deserved tight ass so where does all of this action leave group h. emilie really really close and really exciting. for the last match day if we have a look at the table actually because colombia still have to take on senegal and japan take on poland and anything almost anything could happen in this group colombia when they're probably going to go through or they're going to go through actually and to japan if they win they're going to go through but senegal can also take it so things are very open in this group and we're all going to watch the final games i'm sure all right we'll see if that about england they had a huge day against panama today absolutely they secured their spot in the knockout
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stages of the tournament was a huge victory for them and it was very unfortunate for panama because it is their first trip to a world cup but england was just the better team and they showed that from the start johnstone's took the lead with the early header and harry came added on to that but it was really just he lingered with this beauty of a shot that sixty attention in the first half stones added another one kerry came added two more and that makes it a hat trick for harry came he's now the top goal scorer of the world cup with five goals ahead of belgians romelu lukaku and portugal's cristiana and although this is a really really big day for the three lions and they're going to rest their players now and see what they can do in the knockout stages yeah because the sets that sets the stage for a big showdown between england and belgium in the knockout stages are neck and neck and neck ahead of this game where do you see this going that's really difficult to talk to to call because both belgium and england were doing really well in the group phases and they've they've showed the world that they have fantastic offensive players but it will be interesting to see how they match up when they
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play against each other because things could get really interesting if we have a look at the table in this group it could actually happen at the end of the day it's all up to the toss of a coin because england are belgium are tied at the top with six point each they've both scored eight goals conceded two that means as things stand if they were to tie in the last game where they face each other it will be up to fair play we're currently england are a tiny bit better they've only had two yellow cards to belgium's three but that could all still change very very much. and we got shots from v.w. sports thanks for keeping us up to date on the world cup thank you. all right a reminder now of our top story here on turkey's recha tired of want has declared victory in the country's presidential and parliamentary elections unofficial results show him with over half of the vote enough to avoid a runoff but opposition parties have raised concerns about vote rigging and electoral fraud. thanks for watching g.w. had to a website of a dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock. on.
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